Chloe Saffron

Meet The Alchemy Coach

Chloe Saffron Gibson is The Alchemy Coach who helps women to free themselves and clear energy blockages so they can transform their life and manifest their deepest desires.

As a child, I was very curious, creative and passionate. I was always making cards or drawing animals, playing in my back garden and laughing. I even thought about deep questions and felt very connected to the world around me at a young age.

Through growing up, I became lost as I conformed to the path conditioned by society. I took on other people’s beliefs and rules as my own, limiting myself to live in scarcity with a fear-based mindset. I fell into a deep depression and experienced severe anxiety and anger issues for years.

My mindset combined with negative self-talk like “I’m not good enough” and “no one loves me” held me back from reaching my higher self and full potential for half my life! What was going on in my reality reflected this: self-sabotaging behaviour, terrible physical and mental health, negative friendships and a toxic relationship.

Then something deep woke within me to make a change. For the first time, I began to invest in myself. I completely transformed my life to cure myself of all mental health issues, get rid of my physical health problems, fix my broken relationships, attract my tribe of like-minded people, travel, meet my other whole and discover my soul’s purpose.

My soul journey has taught me that we’re ALL meant to rise above our energetic blocks to live in fulfillment and absolute abundance while creating our dream life.


My mission is to help women empower themselves and clear their energetic blocks so they can transform their life, manifest their deepest desires and live in alignment, abundance and fulfilment.

If you’re ready and committed to transforming your life, apply for a FREE 45 minute Soul Alignment Session with me. *Limited time only*
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at hello@chloesaffron.com
I look forward to connecting with you!