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Are you ready to become an energetic match to your desires to receive limitless abundance with ease?


This is the vortex you will enter inside Queen Rising.


It’s time to rise, Queen, RISE.


Is Queen Rising for you?


– Do you feel like you only allow yourself to have just enough, and you want OVERFLOW?


– Are you done playing small, self sabotaging and holding yourself back out of fear?


– Are you tired of feeling like it’s possible for everyone else but not you, and you’re ready to finally have what you want?


– Are you done feeling alone and trying to figure it all out by yourself?


– Are you done worrying about money?


– Are you done living in survival and you’re ready to THRIVE with more than enough for you and everyone else?


– Have you had enough being stuck in your head and giving your power away?


– Are you sick of feeling stressed, burnt out, in a cycle of do do do and the pressure?


– Are you done feeling bored and going through the motions without feeling alive and joyful?


If you answered yes to any of the above, Queen Rising is for you.

Inside Queen Rising, you will:


– Step into your power, potential and magic as the creator of your life


– Rise into your fierce AF unapologetic Queen self


– Create an internal richness to become a match to receive limitless abundance, love, money, joy, success etc, and birth your juiciest vision into reality e.g. the dream life, biz/job, partnership, relationships, body, bank, bedroom, lifestyle, travel life, on your OWN terms in a way that feels delicious!


– Activate your feminine sensual energy for overflowing energy, radiance and creativity


– Believe in yourself and feel x10 more confident


Own and express your truth and voice unapologetically, play big and shine your light


– Feel peace with money, step into overflow of abundance, become a money magnet and finally see it happening for yourself


– Feel sexyyyy in your own skin, deeply love yourself and create deeper connection in your relationships


– Unleash your pleasure and open to receive limitless abundance with ease


– Clear the mindset and energy blocks to create massive positive shifts in yourself and your life


– Gain massive clarity and momentum with a like-minded sacred sisterhood of badass humans who celebrate and support you!


And so much more.



In Queen Rising, I‘m not just teaching you these things. You will learn how to embody them and apply them to your life for massive positive shifts within yourself, your life, relationships, body, bedroom, business/career and bank account, just as the previous Queen Rising graduates have. 


Each week, you will receive subconscious reprogramming, energy upgrading and tools such as identity shifting, rewriting limiting beliefs, NLP, embodiment, meditation, visualisation, womb and yoni healing, breathwork, inner child healing, feminine energy activation, feminine archetypes, energy shifting etc to clear blocks from your system to upgrade and open to receive limitless abundance.


As well as personalised support in our group sessions as well as the magic from the weekly guest speakers and daily support in the chat from me and sisterhood to integrate this work and create actual life-lasting changes.


This work is truly life-changing, and I am here to guide you every step of the way in a safe, supportive space.


You will walk away with countless tools to carry with you to continue expanding even after the container ends.


This will not only help you receive more abundance, but also hold more of everything you desire in your life.

What is included:


13 weeks. Elixir of guided and Mastermind sessions. High energy, deep support, high impact to catapult you into limitless abundance. Limited spaces for an intimate container and high touch point support.



– 13 x weekly LIVE group sessions with energy healing and upgrading, body work, mindset rewiring, embodiment practices, group coaching support and Q&As

– 12 x weekly LIVE guest speakers on topics like leading from self-identity, Akashic records, womb work and much more

– Replays of all group sessions and guest speaker trainings

– 24/7 Chat for connection and support

– Workbooks for integration

– 20+ reprogramming and meditation tracks for powerful shifts, quantum leaps and manifestations

– Private FB Group with an incredible Queenhood of like-minded souls to uplift and celebrate each other!


BONUS Pregames (actionable practices) start a week before we begin.

You’ll get access to the reprogramming tracks as soon as you join!


ONLY 13 spaces available for an intimate group with deep support.


The Queen Rising container is valued at over 10k.



Time to rise Queen rise!


Join us here:


$2555 USD

4 x monthly payments OF $639


6 x monthly payments of $426


8 x monthly payments of $320


Prices are charged in USD and automatically converted to your country currency



Upgrade to my 12 month all access pass to my live and self-study programs and group Masterminds, including Queen Rising. Valued at 15k. A whole year of pure expansion, growth, magic and abundance.



$4444 USD



“Chloe is a superb coach that created a safe and intimate space for. uswhere we could be open, vulnerable, trusting, sharing, feeling connected, laughing and crying together. She embodies what I admire in great leaders – the ability to hold the space and vibration, keep the overview, guide us through difficult emotions and shadows, all done with so much joy, love, compassion and wisdom. My journey was purely magical! I have gained back my self worth and confidence, the trust in the Universe, my belief in Magic, and the connection to my spirituality. Externally, I have literally manifested my dream client in these weeks and my approach to my business (and life in general) has become much more relaxed, trusting, full of joy, dancing, magic and abundance. This is the power of Sisterhood and feminine Energy! Words can not describe enough the magic of what can happen if you show up for yourself, allow yourself to be seen as who you truly are, figure out your values and desires and create the life your soul is craving. I will forever be grateful for this journey and the highly professional guidance that came through Chloe!
– Karolina G
“Chloe was absolutely invaluable in repairing my relationship to money, spirit, relationships, fun, sensuality and pleasure. Some memorable & specific improvements…
– Healing & releasing trauma from my body and womb space, my bleed went to regular within the 2 months.
– Repairing sensuality & pleasure in my life. I embrace all of me and feel ‘whole’ by myself. I feel like a Goddess!
– Healed throat chakra as well as limiting beliefs about being seen and heard. I am now getting visible and being vulnerable effortlessly and with confidence.
– Shifted from scarcity to thriving. Making regular income from my soul gifts and businesses.
I am finally watching myself and my art career bloom as I always dreamed! I not only feel capable in my career, but feel like I stepped into my highest Queen self. Capable of reaching further and bringing more of my dreams for the future into reality. Thank you Chloe for the work you do.”
– Sarah T.
Working with Chloé through her Queen Rising group coaching program was pure magic. The amount of tools and knowledge she shared are simply incredible. The connection between us all felt so amazing – having women that share same level of consciousness is really amazing! I was very hesitant and resistant to join this program, because I didn’t have the money to spend on myself, I didn’t know if this would help me. The knowledge and the release I got from this 3 months group coaching are beyond what I expected and are priceless. Now I am able to:
– Be consistent in my morning routine and feel how beneficial it is
– Understand that feeling emotions is OK and allowed!
– Understand women better starting by myself
Connect with myself and body at a deeper level and respect my body and listen to her need
– Hear my negatives thoughts and rephrase them to positives
– Manifest my wildest dream
– Dancing everyday and feeling the flow of my energy and my feminine power. And more!!
Chloé I am forever grateful, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
– Chachou G.
“Thanks so much Chloe for doing this work! I literally went from feeling a bit lost and depressed and feeling like “what is the point?!” to reconnecting with myself again in a very powerful way. The work we did together in our beautiful sisterhood led to me going from being unemployed to getting work in my absolute favourite school and the only school I decided I could ever work in as a teacher. I also started my Youtube channel that I wanted to start 3 years ago. I genuinely feel that the momentum of this work that we have all done together as a group is so powerful and it will uplift you to the point where you get the most empowering ideas and intuition to do those things that your soul is really calling you to do in this lifetime. Thanks so much! It also really showed me the power of working with other people who are working towards a similar goal. You do not get this level of power working alone. There’s really something to be said for working in a group!! Love it!
– Emma C.

“I’ve grown so much and it’s all thanks to Chloe. She has taught me so much about myself, about business, my relationship, being my true self, showing up for my audience, using social media in such an authentic way, spreading your true message, I couldn’t have done it myself and I’m so grateful for Chloe. It was 100% worth the investment, and after our first call, I decided to go part time in my job to put more energy in my business and my business is growing. She is an amazing coach and with her feminine aspect, it has such a big impact on your being and how you feel about yourself. For those who really want to change their lives and really go into that direction, Chloe is the person to support you.”


– Pauline G.

“Over the time I’ve been working with Chloe, she’s helped me to overcome stress, anxiety, heartbreak, self-doubt. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to manifest the incredible life I’m living now if it weren’t for her help in clearing my blocks and allowing my energy to flow out into the universe where it could be received and sent back to me with so much abundance. I manifested my dream job, in the city I’ve been wanting to move to for years (she literally coached me the day of my interview and helped get me all up in my power), I manifested my dream suite 10 minutes from work within the budget I set where all 4 of my horses and my dog and I can live. She helped me build my clientele with my business and gain many more incredible clients. Most importantly, she’s helped me see the powerful woman I am and step into that strength. I highly recommend Chloe Saffron and her incredible transformative coaching. If you’re looking to level up and work through some of your mental blocks, grow your business, change your mindset or just downright become a badass, then you must work with her. Invest in your mind. Invest in your goals. Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you can make.


– Rachel S.

“Chloe’s energy was positively infectious! What I didn’t realize going in was just how much past shame and baggage I built up in my body. The most amazing transformation was how suddenly my intense cramps absolutely disappeared soon after forgiving myself for so much of my past sexual history. Releasing the shame from childhood trauma and my early twenties. My relationship with myself improved so dramatically it had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage! I’m not afraid be myself anymore and I’m boldly going into 2020 with this new power and I’m going to spread this to other women! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chloe!! Love you!!”


– Vicki G.

“I was scared to invest in myself and about doing the inner work. You really can’t put a price on doing this life-changing work, investing in yourself improves your relationship with yourself and money so much. My life has changed so much since working with Chloe and I feel like a totally different person since doing the deep inner work with her. She creates such a safe space filled with beautiful energy, love and support in order to help you overcome those blocks and beliefs you need to let go of so you can create a life that is aligned with you. In my time working with her I was able to find the courage to take so much action around expressing myself fully, showing up as my authentic self and accepting & loving myself, all of which I really struggled with beforehand. I feel so much closer to myself and my dream life now. Taking the leap and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions of my life. Working with Chloe exceeded my expectations, she really goes above and beyond to support you and help you in any way she can. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work and live a life on their own terms.”


– Janine B.

“Before joining the programme, I was consistently playing small, worried about taking action and second guessing my purpose. Investing was the scariest choice that I deliberated over for weeks, but when it came down to it I knew it’s what my soul needed and this was proven to me time and time again throughout the programme. I had so many break through moments over the course of the 6 weeks. I was able to take the leap into setting up my coaching business, I made investments in myself, I secured new clients (in coaching and aerial hoop), I committed to hosting my own workshop (which was freaking amazing) and made friends for life. I can’t even comprehend how so much happened in 6 weeks but it did and it set me up to really step into my power and continue to do so. I’m so so grateful that I took the leap, Chloe is a true diamond”


– Jordan B.

I was scared about investing the money but now that I look back on it, it was an amazing experience that really shaped those few months in my life and I really am so grateful to have done that for myself. Working with Chloe was an amazing decision. I learnt how to step into my power and really connect with my feminine side. I was able to decide on my dream life and have worked towards it, and set boundaries in place to live with more energy. I had a lot of sisterhood wounds I didn’t even realise and through working with Chloe, I managed to work through those blocks and am able to show up to my friends and family with so much more love. Chloe is so intuitive, I felt fully supported working with her and would really recommend this experience for anyone who is ready to level up and do the work.”


– Kapeela D.

My ego wanted to keep me playing small. I was scared to make an investment in myself because I never had before, but I did and I’m so glad I took the leap! I was feeling lost. With Chloe’s support and the other women, I stepped up as my higher self! I reconnected to my feminine energy and attracted in abundance. Because of this, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to events I was never brave enough to, only to find incredible women who I now cannot imagine my life without! I attracted the opportunity to read Oracle Cards for 40 people and have seen my podcast numbers soar. I feel more aligned and authentic than ever. I would highly recommend joining Chloe’s programmes as it is a fast track way to transformation. I am not the same person I was!”


– Jess C.

“I took the leap as I felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do. The amount of time, energy and resources that Chloe put into the course was definitely worth it. She is such a buzzing soul and you can totally see and feel her energy and love for what she does. I released so much sh*t during the course. I shifted and up levelled to a higher version of myself. I said f off to old habits and limiting beliefs and boldly set myself new boundaries! Chloe gives so much value on a daily basis to us all and her coaching styles are coming from love and her heart with the highest good in her intentions. Chloe you helped me so much to take the first steps towards achieving my goals and I have so much love and respect for you. You are absolutely beautiful and amazing to your core and I know you will help so many woman to step into their power. Love you loads!”


– Lynda M.

“I can’t thank Chloe enough for all she offered in the program! It has been really life changing. I was hesitant about the investment but my expectations were exceeded and I can not recommend it enough. SO many blockages released. For ages, I’d shut down my feminine, sexual Goddess out of shame but no longer. I feel empowered, in flow, and able to explore all aspects of myself free of judgement. I feel freed. I even called in an incredible guy into my life and no longer did I self sabotage the relationship, instead I have been receptive and able to give with an open heart. Gotta love the universe’s timing. I have way more energy, feel so much freer and comfortable in my body and I just felt super lit up and inspired doing the inner work with a group of like minded women.”


– Laura S.

Just some of the proof (more on Instagram @chloe_saffron under highlights)…

Is this program live?

Yep the group calls are LIVE online which means you can do this program from anywhere in the world. You get my real time high vibe energy as well as seeing the beautiful faces of the other women in the group + feeling the powerful group energy set in this scared heart container.

What if I can’t make the live group calls?

I do ask you to make the most out of our time together, and show up for yourself. I understand though, that sometimes life gets crazy and shit happens! It would be AMAZING for you to jump into the live calls, but if for some reason you can’t, these are all recorded so you can view in your own time, and rewatch too!

What happens with payments if my currency is different to USD?

It’ll be automatically converted to your currency after checkout by your bank. You can check the estimated conversion amount that you sign up for beforehand via Google.

What day and time are the live calls at?

The weekly live calls will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6PM GMT. Replays will be available for all calls.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the nature of this work, no, there are no refund, cancellations or ‘changes of mind’. This program is for women who are all in when it comes to becoming their best version of themselves and creating their most fulfilling life. If you want the results, it’s up to you to put in the work and commitment. If you have a 50% attitude, your brain will give you all the excuses to back out, and then you’ll never get the results. Don’t live in fear. Step into your heart-space with love, and TRUST that if you want results, you will get them!

If you have a question I haven’t answered here, please send an email to