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Goddess Reborn is my program where I break down the exact process my clients and I use to create inner shifts to love how your body looks, feel sexy, be magnetic and confident, and create your dream life rich in love, money and magic.


This is a journey to heal through your body to connect IN to your radiance, self-love, femininity, full expression, sensuality and sexuality to be turn your life ON


• Does your body not look how you want or you don’t feel good in your clothes?


 Has your body has gone through changes and you don’t know how to be sexy anymore?


 Are you uncomfortable walking around naked and you’re tired of carrying body shame?


• Are you sick of not feeling confident and it gets in the way of creating the dream body, relationships, business/career and life you desire?


 If you’re single – do you keep attracting the wrong men who give minimal effort and don’t see how amazing you know you are?


 If you’re in a relationship/married – do you fight with your partner, it’s become boring, or stress has blocked the sensual passion, deep love and connection that you want back?


 Do you have sex with the lights off or it’s become a “sometimes” thing?


 Are you a single mother or successful woman and you’re exhausted from doing it all on your own? Are you ready to receive love, money and pleasure with ease?


• Are you done being so stressed and exhausted from pushing, chasing or living in your head and you want to create your DREAM LIFE with ease and feel so happy and in love with life?


• Are you fed up of feeling stuck or unfulfilled in life? You have a great life, but you know there is more you’re meant to be/do/have but you don’t know how to get there and need Goddess Reborn to show you how.


• Have you gone through life challenges like health issues, heartbreak or stress and you want to get back to feeling like yourself and move forward but don’t know how?


• Are you ready to say YES to you and your dreams?



If you answered yes to any of the above, Goddess Reborn is for you.


Goddess Reborn will help you to:

Look HOT and sexy af


• Create YOUR dream body


 Have your skin glowing and be radiant as you walk through life with absolute confidence


• Be the most magnetic, confident and attractive woman in the room


• Have x10 more energy, peace, happiness, clarity and creativity


•  Call in next level love, money and magic with ease


•  If you’re single – attract incredible love with someone who treats you like a Queen


 Or if you’re in a relationship/married – step into next level love and ignite sensual passion, connection, fun and have the best sex of your life


•  Be a smokeshow in the bedroom, enjoy sex and feel confident speaking up for what you want

• Learn how to have mind-blowing pleasure and orgasms with or without your partner! Where you will be saying “how did I not know life gets to be this good?!”


• Manifest soul relationships and feel closer than ever to your loved ones


 Create YOUR dream life – whether it’s your dream body, love, clients, money, pay rise, house, living your purpose, travelling or spending more time with your family


•  Feel like YOU again and be unstoppable in achieving your body/love/career/business goals


• Make 2024 your happiest, healthiest, hottest and most abundant year yet!

“Chloe’s energy was positively infectious! What I didn’t realize going in was just how much past shame and baggage I built up in my body. The most amazing transformation was how suddenly my intense cramps absolutely disappeared soon after forgiving myself for so much of my past sexual history. Releasing the shame from childhood trauma and my early twenties. My relationship with myself improved so dramatically it had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage! I’m not afraid be myself anymore and I’m boldly going out with this new power and I’m going to spread this to other women! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chloe!! Love you!!”


– Vicki Glass

“Working with Chloe literally changed my whole life. I am now much more relaxed, in tune, trusting, and I finally enjoy being a woman! I learned so much about the sacred feminine energy, experienced the power and love of true sisterhood, what it means to be seen, open, held, vulnerable, to trust and let my heart crack open. Chloe is a superb, highly professional and loving leader and wise teacher and I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her.


– Karolina Golightly




What is included inside Goddess Reborn:

7 x 90-120 minute group Zoom weekly sessions where we will do all of the mindset and somatic work, healing, embodiment practices, coaching and Q&A. You will get personalised support at the end of calls on absolutely anything coming up for you to support you in creating your dream life.


Replays of all sessions and lifetime access so you can watch back for more breakthroughs every time!


A private Facebook group where you will be able to ask Chloe questions throughout the 7 weeks, and connect with an incredible group of women where you are celebrated


20+ reprogramming tracks to catapult your growth and manifest your desires (immediate access when you join)


• Weekly worksheets + practices between calls for realtime shifts!


• 1:1 upgrade available




You know you want more happiness, love, money, pleasure etc, and you want to move forward, but don’t know how. 


You feel the intuitive nudge to work with me, and you’re done putting it off for “someday”. 


You’re ready to take responsibility, go ALL IN on you and make bold moves.


You know when you invest in yourself, and go outside your comfort zone, you show up and get incredible results/transformation. You’re willing to trust in your soul’s knowing this is meant for you to help you get to your next level.

Doors close and we start on January 25th 2024.


Limited to 10 spaces.


You will be deeply supported, with the accountability and incredible sisterhood cheering you on!


BONUS 40 minute 1:1 Zoom session with Chloe for the next 3 women in (1 left!)

BONUS 40 minute 1:1 Zoom session with Chloe if you pay in full

Join Goddess Reborn here


Group option:

$1222 USD total 


Pay In Full BONUS: 40 minute 1:1 session with Chloe

3 x $485 monthly

$1455 USD total

6 x $260 monthly

$1555 USD total

20 x $82.50 (every 2 weeks)

$1650 USD total

Upgrade to 1:1 option


Includes the group plus 7 weeks of 1:1 text/voice messenger coaching, oracle card readings, and 4 x 40 minute 1:1 Zoom sessions:

$2997 USD total 


Pay In Full BONUS: 40 minute 1:1 session with Chloe to use before group program starts

3 x $1111 monthly

$3333 USD total

12 x $280 weekly

$3360 USD total

“When your soul is glowing, you don’t need filters. I could not be more grateful to Chloe and all the beautiful women in GR. There was SO much growth in such a loving sisterhood. So excited for what’s about to manifest in my life with such up levels! I feel so aligned and ready to serve my beautiful clients in my best energy. Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make, take the freaking leap!”


– Eliza Vignolle

“Feeling so unbelievably grateful. I joined Goddess Reborn on a whim but it felt so right. I met the most extraordinary women from all over the world. We shed outdated layers. Every single one of us stepped into the goddess versions of ourselves, and came out of our shells. We all levelled up in our mindset, our love, in our jobs/businesses, and our authentic voices. This course blew me away. I feel like a completely new woman. I have let go of people pleasing, found who I am and what I want. I am stepping into the most authentic and badass version of myself. My voice and vision in my life and businesses are stronger than ever. My clients can feel it. My partner can feel it. My horses can feel it. Invest in yourselves and take the leap of faith. You just might have your life changed like I did in this incredible group. Highly recommend Chloe’s programs.” 


– Rachel Smith

A brief outline of the LIVE calls during this signature program:


Week 1: SELF-LOVE. Releasing insecurities around your body, loving and accepting yourself, and aligning with your dream body. Owning your value and beauty. Includes inner child healing as well as healing the mother and father line to be secure and confident within yourself.


Week 2: FEMININE MAGNETISM. Rewriting limiting beliefs around your desires, your womanhood, receiving and sexuality. Tapping into your feminine magnetism. Includes heart healing and dearmouring to release masculine armour to allow in love and abundance with ease. How to lean into your feminine energy inside your relationships, money and creating your dream life.


Week 3: SENSUALITY. Awakening your sensuality, embodying your inner lover and romanticising your life to experience more pleasure, joy and play. Includes embodiment practices, as well as womb and yoni healing. You will activate your creative life force energy for increased vitality, creativity and radiance.


Week 4: MASCULINE HEALING – MONEY, MEN, THE UNIVERSE. You will create rock solid trust with men, money and the universe so you surrender and receive the love, money and pleasure you want. You will heal your relationship with the masculine to be supported, taken care of and provided for with ease.


Week 5: DREAM LIFE EMBODIMENT. Embodying the feminine archetypes to reclaim all parts of your fullest expression and feel whole. Identity shifting to become a match to your desires and create your dream life.


Week 6: UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE AND EXPRESSION. Releasing the fear of being seen, speaking your truth, showing up powerfully and asking for what you want with confidence. Releasing any masks for inner freedom and potent authenticity to attract the right people to you. Honouring your needs, trusting yourself and speaking up for yourself – taking your cup from empty to overflowing.


Week 7: WEALTHY WOMAN. Shifting how you see and feel about money, abundance and wealth to receive more with ease. Being a wealthy woman to make more income and hold more. Goddess Reborn closing ceremony + group coaching, where we will integrate the last 7 weeks transformation.


Plus you get a chance to ask questions and get coaching at the end of each call.

Join Goddess Reborn and shift everything. Walk through this portal with an incredible sisterhood.

“Chloe was my soulmate coach. She was absolutely invaluable in repairing my relationship to money, spirit, relationships, fun, sensuality and pleasure. Some memorable & specific improvements include…
– Healing & releasing trauma from my body and womb space
– My bleed went from light to regular
– Repairing sensuality & pleasure in my life. I embrace all of me and feel ‘whole’ by myself. I feel like a Goddess!
– Healed throat chakra as well as limiting beliefs about being seen and heard. I am now getting visible and being vulnerable with my audience effortlessly and with confidence.
– Balanced my Feminine & Masculine energies
– Shifted from scarcity to thriving. Making regular income from my soul gifts and businesses.
– Had multiple interviews including a small film production.
I am finally watching myself and my art career bloom as I always dreamed! I not only feel capable in my career, but feel like I stepped into my highest Queen self. Capable of reaching further and bringing more of my dreams for the future into reality. Thank you Chloe for the work you do.”
– Sarah Tomlinson, Artist, @agirlwithmanysecrets

“Going in, I wasn’t really sure how much I would transform, you know when you see everyone else getting amazing results but you wonder, is that really possible for me too? My transformation is unlike anything I could have imagined (thanks Chloe). I learnt how to love myself, how to treat myself like a Queen, I developed so much confidence, so much self belief, I started expressing myself more, setting boundaries, speaking my truth, showing up more authentically, discovering parts of myself I’d kept hidden for so long. You really can’t put a price on doing this life-changing work. Taking the leap and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions of my life. Working with Chloe exceeded my expectations, she really goes above and beyond to support you and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work and live a life on their own terms.”


– Janine Beynon

This is just some of the proof – there are tons more on Instagram @chloe_saffron under highlights…

Words from working with Chloe…


• “I am now much more relaxed, in tune, trusting, and I finally enjoy being a woman!”

• “I’m expressing myself fully, showing up as my authentic self and loving myself”

• “I have a deeper, more meaningful and sensual relationship with my husband”

• “I have more energy to care for my kids”

• “I am able to show up to my friends and family with so much more love”

• “I manifested my dream job in the city I’ve been wanting to move to for years”

• “I feel more tapped into my intuition and connected to my wild, fun woman”

• “My bleed went to regular within 2 months”

• “My intense period cramps absolutely disappeared”

• “It had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage!”

• “I embrace all of me and feel whole by myself – I feel like a Goddess!”

• “I’m getting visible with my audience effortlessly and with confidence”

• “I’m making regular income from my soul gifts and businesses”

• “I’m celebrating my first $1k client! A soulmate client too!”

What day and time are the live calls at?

The weekly live calls will typically be held weekly on Thursdays at 6pm GMT. Replays will be available if you aren’t able to make it live so you can catch up with no worries and watch back as much as you would like!

What if I can’t make the live group calls?

I do ask you to make the most out of our time together, and show up for yourself, it would be AMAZING for you to come to the live calls, but if for some reason you can’t, these are all recorded so you can view in your own time, and rewatch too!

Is this program live?

The 7 x group calls are LIVE online via Zoom which means you can do this program from anywhere in the world. You get my real time high vibe energy as well as seeing the beautiful faces of the other women in the group + feeling the powerful group energy set in this scared heart container. Plus replays if you can’t make it live.

Do I have to be in a relationship to do this program?

No, this is about doing your own soul growth work and improving your relationship with yourself that will have a positive ripple effect on your life and everyone around you!

How much is it?

Prices are above and you can join by choosing your payment plan. These prices are reflective of the value of this transformation you receive, you can’t put a price on your own transformation and creating your dream life!

What happens with payments if my currency is different to USD?

It’ll be automatically converted to your currency after checkout by your bank. You can check the estimated conversion amount that you sign up for beforehand via Google.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds, cancellations or ‘changes of mind’. I will always show up 100%! This program is for women who are all in, and when you show up with the energy and committment, you get the results you want. I’ve heard from any client who was initially scared to invest in themselves or that it wouldn’t work for them, that they trusted and took the leap, went all in, showed up, got incredible results and are so glad they joined! I have never seen a case where I couldn’t help a client as long as they were willing to show up. The transformation that happens in 7 weeks is phenomenal.