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Are you tired of holding yourself back and not being turned on by life?!

• Are you stuck in your head, in a constant cycle of go go go, and it feels exhausting?

• Are you sick of going through the motions, and everything feels hard?!

• Do you feel a lack of confidence and it gets in the way of your relationships, biz/job, bedroom, everything?

• Do you wear masks to hide yourself from the world, and it stops everything you want from finding you?

• Are you sick of saying yes when you mean no, stopping yourself from saying what you really want and it feels draining?

• Do you feel disconnected from your body, your voice, your power?

• Are you playing the ‘good girl’, have you been told you’re ‘too much’, and you’re ready to be ALL of you?

• Do you take on other people’s emotional baggage and it feels draining?

• Do you still carry shame around your body and you want to feel fully liberated?

• Does your inner bitch tear you down and you’re ready to become your biggest cheerleader?

• Do you struggle to fully surrender to pleasure and enjoy intimacy?

• Do you feel blocked in your manifestations, like something is still holding you back from being your true authentic self, fully enjoying life, and manifesting the abundance you desire?


Are you ready to connect back to your body, feel turned on and finally allow your true radiant sensual Goddess self to burst through?

I will guide you through mindset, energy, and embodiment teachings and practices that have helped myself and my clients connect back to our sensual selves and turn our lives back ON. So you can…


• Turn your life back ON, make life fun again and fully ENJOY it


• Feel connected, in pleasure and in love with your body


• Feel sexyyy, confident, liberated and radiant in your own skin, and ALIVE in every single cell


• Love being a woman and own your worth


• Express ALL of your true authentic self and speak your voice, desires and boundaries with x10 more confidence


• Attract your dream partner, where you feel wanted, loved, taken care of and safe to surrender


• Turn your sensuality, desire, intimacy and bedroom back ON


• Heal your sexuality to unleash your creativity, vitality, power, pleasure and radiance


Be a magnet to abundance and the money you want


Have the confidence to go on that date, create your dream job/business and manifest your dream life in alignment and flow!

“Chloe’s energy was positively infectious! What I didn’t realize going in was just how much past shame and baggage I built up in my body. The most amazing transformation was how suddenly my intense cramps absolutely disappeared soon after forgiving myself for so much of my past sexual history. Releasing the shame from childhood trauma and my early twenties. My relationship with myself improved so dramatically it had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage! I’m not afraid be myself anymore and I’m boldly going out with this new power and I’m going to spread this to other women! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chloe!! Love you!!”


– Vicki Glass

My approach has helped clients…


• “I am now much more relaxed, in tune, trusting, and I finally enjoy being a woman!”


• “Expressing myself fully, showing up as my authentic self and loving myself”


• “Having a deeper, more meaningful and sensual relationship with my husband”


• “Having more energy to care for my kids”


• “I am able to show up to my friends and family with so much more love”


• “I manifested my dream job in the city I’ve been wanting to move to for years”


• “I feel more tapped into my intuition and connected to my wild, fun woman”


• “My bleed went to regular within 2 months”


• “My intense cramps absolutely disappeared”


• “It had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage!”


• “I embrace all of me and feel whole by myself – I feel like a Goddess!”


• “Getting visible with my audience effortlessly and with confidence”


• “Making regular income from my soul gifts and businesses”

“Working with Chloe literally changed my whole life. I am now much more relaxed, in tune, trusting, and I finally enjoy being a woman! I learned so much about the sacred feminine energy, experienced the power and love of true sisterhood, what it means to be seen, open, held, vulnerable, to trust and let my heart crack open. Chloe is a superb, highly professional and loving leader and wise teacher and I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her.


– Karolina Golightly

It is 100% possible for you to step into the most vibrant you, full of peace, joy and love, while living in alignment and flow.


Inside my signature program, Goddess Reborn, we focus on getting to the root and what actually works.


This experience will change your life in ways you can never imagine. Let me show you how…

By the end of this program, you will…


• Actually have stepped into your radiant, confident and magnetic Goddess self


• Know the exact tools to transform your mindset and energetic state to thrive in your life


• Have learned practices to connect to and love your body


• Have learned how to bring in self-care and pleasure practices into your life to feel overflowing in energy


• Have a deep connection with your body and understand its cycle, allowing you to flow through life


• Heal your relationship to your body, reclaim your feminine energies and experience flow, ease, joy, pleasure, abundance


• Have gotten to the underlying root of problems and cleared it from your mind and body to become a vibrational match to manifest your desires with ease

But most of all, you will…


Feel overflowing in joy, love, pleasure


Feel whole, liberated and ALIVE in every cell and fully ENJOY life


Feel reconnected to your feminine energy, your true self, your relationships


Call in limitless abundance and create your dream life in alignment with ease and flow 


“Going in, I wasn’t really sure how much I would transform, you know when you see everyone else getting amazing results but you wonder, is that really possible for me too? My transformation is unlike anything I could have imagined (thanks Chloe). I learnt how to love myself, how to treat myself like a Queen, I developed so much confidence, so much self belief, I started expressing myself more, setting boundaries, speaking my truth, showing up more authentically, discovering parts of myself I’d kept hidden for so long. You really can’t put a price on doing this life-changing work. Taking the leap and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions of my life. Working with Chloe exceeded my expectations, she really goes above and beyond to support you and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work and live a life on their own terms.”


– Janine Beynon




What is included inside Goddess Reborn

– 7 x weekly powerful LIVE group sessions for mindset reprogramming, energy upgrading, releasing what no longer serves you, healing, embodiment practices, Q&A and coaching support. 90-120 minutes

– Replays of all sessions + lifetime access so you can catch up with no worries

– A Private FB Group with an incredible safe sacred sisterhood where you all celebrate and uplift each other, connect and receive coaching support from me and this group of soul sisters

– Reprogramming meditations and sleep reprogramming tracks to upgrade your mindset and vibration to quantum leap your growth which you will get access to straight away

– Workbooks for integration

– Practices between calls

– Yoni and womb healing, inner child healing, energy clearing, releasing trauma and past baggage, belief reprogramming, shadow work, identity shifting, anger release, heart and throat chakra healing (priceless)

– Lifetime access (priceless)




$1650 USD


$550 USD


$275 USD


$165 USD

“Chloe was my soulmate coach. She was absolutely invaluable in repairing my relationship to money, spirit, relationships, fun, sensuality and pleasure. Some memorable & specific improvements include…
– Healing & releasing trauma from my body and womb space
– My bleed went from light to regular
– Repairing sensuality & pleasure in my life. I embrace all of me and feel ‘whole’ by myself. I feel like a Goddess!
– Healed throat chakra as well as limiting beliefs about being seen and heard. I am now getting visible and being vulnerable with my audience effortlessly and with confidence.
– Balanced my Feminine & Masculine energies
– Shifted from scarcity to thriving. Making regular income from my soul gifts and businesses.
– Had multiple interviews including a small film production.
I am finally watching myself and my art career bloom as I always dreamed! I not only feel capable in my career, but feel like I stepped into my highest Queen self. Capable of reaching further and bringing more of my dreams for the future into reality. Thank you Chloe for the work you do.”
– Sarah Tomlinson, Artist, @agirlwithmanysecrets

A brief outline of the LIVE calls during this signature program…


Week 1: We will dive into womb and yoni healing, clearing and activation, as well as inner child healing to release childhood and societal wounds and step into full body freedom. You will also uncover and let go of your insecurities so you can fully love and accept yourself and your body.


Week 2: We will be clearing limiting programming around your feminine energy and sexuality, as well as dearmouring your heart and womb to be open to fully receive. You will activate and awaken your sexual life force energy for vitality, creativity and radiance and release past lovers energy.


Week 3: We will dive into the feminine archetypes and learn how to embody them, as well as identity shifting to embody your Inner Goddess and sensual lover.


Week 4: We will heal your heart and throat chakra blocks so you can fully connect, open to receive, express yourself, your desires and boundaries with confidence.


Week 5: We will dive into healing relationship wounds, how to use triggers, fear and resistance as mirrors for self-growth. How to stay grounded, and form deep self-trust with standards and boundaries. As well as time for any questions about the recorded material inside the portal.


Week 6: All about money, abundance and how this is connected to your sexuality. You will discover the money blocks holding you back, create a positive empowering relationship with money, rewrite your negative money story and limiting beliefs so you can feel love and peace around money. You’ll learn how to be a money magnet so you can allow it to flow into your life easily.


Week 7: A Goddess Reborn lingerie party (optional) and closing ceremony, where we’ll dive into turning on your sensuality with embodiment practices, integrating the last 7 weeks and final Q&A/coaching support.



Plus hours of juicy pre-recorded content on topics like:


– Feminine energy 101

– Resensitising your body for pleasure

– Embracing your inner sex Goddess

– Pleasure and Self

– Pleasure

– Melting away shame

– Orgasmic embodiment

– Orgasm 101

– Sexual Arousal

– Sensual Eating

– Sex 101

– Releasing past lovers energy

– Orgasmic Manifestation

– Self-expression and communication

– Sounding and Throat Opening

– Meeting your shadow desires

– Erotic blueprints

– Creating polarity

– Feminine and masculine energies

“I learnt how to step into my power and really connect with my feminine side. I had a lot of sisterhood wounds I didn’t even realise and through working with Chloe I managed to work through those blocks and am able to show up to my friends and family with so much more love. Working with Chloe was an amazing decision! Chloe was so intuitive I felt fully supported working with her and would really recommend this experience for anyone who is ready to level up”


– Kapeela Devi

“Over the time I’ve been working with Chloe, she’s helped me to overcome stress, anxiety, heartbreak, self-doubt. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to manifest the incredible life I’m living now if it weren’t for her help in clearing my blocks and allowing my energy to flow out into the universe where it could be received and sent back to me with so much abundance. I manifested my dream job, in the city I’ve been wanting to move to for years (she literally coached me the day of my interview and helped get me all up in my power), I manifested my dream suite 10 minutes from work within the budget I set where all 4 of my horses and my dog and I can live. She helped me build my clientele with my business and gain many more incredible clients. Most importantly, she’s helped me see the powerful woman I am and step into that strength. I highly recommend Chloe Saffron and her incredible transformative coaching. If you’re looking to level up and work through some of your mental blocks, grow your business, change your mindset or just downright become a badass, then you must work with her. Invest in your mind. Invest in your goals. Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you can make.


– Rachel Smith

Goddess Reborn was a huge step in the right direction for me. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and a bit all over the place when it came to what I wanted to do and how I wanted my life to look. I knew I had blocks, but I wasn’t getting anywhere trying to get rid of them myself. Basically, I was spinning my wheels and ready for some direction. Throughout Goddess Reborn, I learned to prioritize my dreams and to get rid of thoughts and patterns that were just holding me back. Now I feel more tapped into my intuition and connected to the version of me I want to be: that wild, fun woman who didn’t worry about fitting in or hiding. The women in GR are amazing, and want to do the work with you. They cheer you on and support you when you’re feeling stuck. I’ve worked with other coaches, and I have to say that Chloe went above and beyond what I expected. She knows what tools to provide you and how to make you feel accountable but not guilty. Chloe explains concepts in such a clear way that it’s easy to understand and apply immediately. Plus, she just makes this shit fun.”


– Whitney Strong

I was constantly tired, I couldn’t connect with people, I couldn’t get out of my head but after working with Chloe in her intensive Goddess program, I can step into the person I’ve always wanted to be. I can reach inside myself and pull out the energy I need to accomplish my goals. I feel grounded. I have a deeper, more meaningful and more sensual relationship with my husband. I have more energy to care for my kids.”


– Jamie Oliphant

This is just some of the proof – there is tons more on Instagram @chloe_saffron under highlights…

What day and time are the live calls at?

The weekly live calls will be on Thursdays at 4PM BST starting from April 19. Replays will be available if you aren’t able to make it live so you can catch up with no worries!

What if I can’t make the live group calls?

I do ask you to make the most out of our time together, and show up for yourself, it would be AMAZING for you to come to the live calls, but if for some reason you can’t, these are all recorded so you can view in your own time, and rewatch too!

Is this program live?

You get immediate access to pre-recorded content inside the portal, and then the 7 x group calls are LIVE online which means you can do this program from anywhere in the world. You get my real time high vibe energy as well as seeing the beautiful faces of the other women in the group + feeling the powerful group energy set in this scared heart container.

Do I have to be in a relationship to do this program?

No, this is about doing your own soul growth work and improving your relationship with yourself that will have a positive ripple effect on your life and everyone around you!

How much is it?

Prices are above and you can join by choosing your payment plan. These prices are reflective of the value of this transformation you receive, you can’t put a price on your dream life!

What happens with payments if my currency is different to USD?

It’ll be automatically converted to your currency after checkout by your bank. You can check the estimated conversion amount that you sign up for beforehand via Google.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds, cancellations or ‘changes of mind’. I will always give you my best and show up for you and your juicy dreams 100%! This program is for women who are all in, and when you show up with the energy and committment, you get the results you want. You get to step into your power and TRUST yourself.