Chloe Saffron


This is for the woman who wants to have massive clarity, tap into her feminine energy and flow, radiate confidence and power, and express her authentic voice like a badass all to create her best life on her OWN terms and magnetise her soul desires to her with ease.

Do you feel a bit stuck or overwhelmed with everything, like you’re in a do do do cycle and it feels like you’re close to burning out?

Are you currently feeling a bit lost or going through the motions?

Do you know deep down that you want to create your dream life but you have lack of clarity?

Or you do know what you want… the freedom, the soulmate, the dream job, the successful business, more purpose, thriving health, more confidence but every time you go to take the leap, something stops you?

Do you have fears of failure/success/rejection/change/loss/judgement/or even your own power and they hold you back so nothing changes?

Do you self-sabotage e.g. you procrastinate/overthink/comfort eat so it stops you from making them actually happen?

Are you sick of having thoughts like ‘who am I to do that’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t have the money/time/insert some other BS reason’?

You feel like you have a message to share with the world, but you’re afraid to speak up? The fire is there within you waiting to be unleashed, but there’s something deep down that stops you from sharing your voice and keeps you playing small?

Are you sick of going to give your opinion but then fear stops you?

Do you ever say ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and allow others to cross your boundaries (or maybe you don’t have any at all)?

Do you get drained easily by others or always put others needs before your own and it leaves you feeling unsatisfied inside and disconnected in your relationships?

Do you struggle with overthinking, comparing yourself to others or perfectionism?

Do you have money blocks so it stops you from investing in the things you want the most and you feel guilty AF after spending money on yourself?

Do you want to connect to your fierce af warrior woman within, and wake up feeling energised, powerful and deeply fulfilled?

Do you have this restless urge inside of you to just BREAK FREE from the cycle you’re stuck in and live the dream life you KNOW in your soul is meant for you, but you still feel like ‘something’ is holding you back?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, then this is for you.


You can’t create your dream life until you clear the BS limiting beliefs holding you back at the root. That is what we do during FAFA, so you have a life-changing transformation. Both inside, and in your life.

Is this for me?


Fierce AF Academy is for the woman who:


• Is a visionary, a lightworker, a creative, or a woman who wants to reclaim her power in every area to live her best life!! Maybe she’s scared of her own power and this holds her back.


• Is done dimming her light, playing small, or hiding in the ‘spiritual closet’. Maybe she’s been told she’s ‘too much’ and she wants to love herself 100%


• Wants to clear her limiting beliefs because she knows that her beliefs create her reality. She wants to manifest her dream life with ease and leave the stress behind. Whether it’s love, money, career, business, travel, health, relationships or creative passions.


• Has a longing to do something bigger or wants to tap into her purpose and feel fulfilled while having a positive impact on the world around her and those she loves


• Wants more freedom, excitement and fun in her life


• Wants to experience inner peace, and feel centred and balanced, like everything just flows naturally


• Wants to take off the masks she’s wearing to free up energy for what really matters and be her authentic self unapologetically with 10x more confidence


Craves soul connections with a like-minded tribe of supportive women who just ‘get her’, celebrate her and cheer her on


• Wants deep and meaningful relationships, whether it’s with friends, family or in her intimate life


• Wants to live a life on her own terms from a place of inner unshakeable power


• Wants to shift her money mindset so she can live a life of abundance, receive and give back, travel lots, treat herself and gift her loved ones


• Is ready to say f off to her money blocks, take a leap of faith and say hell yes to herself and her dreams. 


She is ready to take action NOW.


Fierce AF Academy is for the woman who feels a spark inside her, a niggle, a nudge, a pull, a LONGING that just won’t seem to disappear. 


Sister, your soul has led you here for a reason. This is your heart calling for to do this work. To unpeel the layers of BS that has held you back for so many years… and to step into the best version of yourself, to become the badass queen you are and to make life your own unique masterpiece


If you’re looking to feel more confident, powerful, and whole within yourself… To feel HAPPIER and LIT THE F UP and live a life that TURNS YOU ON, this is for you.


Your dream life is your birth right.

You came here to live your best life!

You deserve it all.


The huge lesson I’ve learnt from going from rock bottom to thriving and living my happiest and healthiest life is this.


When you still have blocks you haven’t released, you keep replaying the same reality over and over again – nothing changes.


When you clear your blocks with the work we do in Fierce AF Academy, you create space for your desires and incredible shifts begin to happen.


Right now, you might be reading books, listening to podcasts, going to the odd workshop, or ‘trying’ all the strategies. But if you still haven’t cleared the blocks actually holding you back, then it won’t create a long lasting impact, and achieving your soul desires will be frustrating, exhausting, and hard work.


Think about this: where will you be in 6 months time if you wait to do this work?


And where could you be in 6 months time if you decided to follow your heart and take the leap?


I invite you not to ignore the spark inside you, but to fan the fire and take the leap with me and a badass group of soul sisters by your side every step of the way.


Feeling pulled, like this is a sign from the universe? Schedule in a call now to chat and make sure it’s the right fit!

Close your eyes, and put your hands on your heart. How would it feel to embody that powerful and centred version of yourself?


To feel free and passionate about life. To be certain within yourself. To feel whole and complete within yourself, to stop living someone else’s version of happiness and start leading YOUR life on your own terms!!


When you clear your limited programming (no one’s fault), you expand your reality with infinite possibilities.

Feeling excited and activated just from reading this, like I’m speaking to your soul and you’re drawn to embarking on this beautiful journey with your soul sisters? Jump on a call with me to make sure it’s the right fit for you!







Which one will you choose?



You will get all the love, guidance and life-changing work from Chloe with: 

  • 7 x weekly 60+ minute live group calls with your soul sisters (you can do this from anywhere in the world)
  • 7 weeks of private 1:1 support from me via Whatsapp (extremely transformational)
  • 1 x 60 minute live group hot seat coaching call (for massive and fast breakthroughs and shifts)
  • 1 x BONUS follow up live group support call after FAFA finishes for further integration
  • Weekly PDF workbooks and exercises for further clarity and confidence
  • Powerful guided meditations and reprogramming tracks to rewire your brain for transformation and success
  • Lifetime access to the recorded material (priceless)
  • An exclusive Facebook group for support and wisdom - a high vibe community of soul sisters to cheer you on and hold you accountable!
  • Extra lives from me, card readings and journal prompts in the group
  • Upgrades available for add-on 1:1 intensive coaching calls with me!

BONUS -> 1 x 1:1 60 minute intensive coaching call with me (only 1 left!)


I don’t teach my clients textbook stuff. I guide you through life-changing processes that I’ve used to create my dream life. These create LONG-TERM RESULTS because they’re personalised to you. You’ll have them in your toolbox forever so you can apply them to create your best life!


Spots are VERY limited so if you are feeling called, I invite you to schedule in a call with me below to make sure it’s the right fit for you!


Payment plans available! Get in now before doors close as I will not be running this again until later on this year (where could you be by then if you follow your heart calling you to do this now?!)


DOORS CLOSE 23rd Feb and we begin straight after!


Are you ready to experience your most extraordinary life?


If this sound like something you’d be interested in, let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit!

These are words from previous Fierce AF Academy Graduates (and scroll down to the very bottom to see some more proof):



Why join Fierce AF Academy?


This isn’t just teaching you textbook stuff. I guide you through life-changing processes that I’ve used to create my dream life. I help you clear things holding you back at the root so you have LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE RESULTS because they’re personalised to you!


I created this high vibe sacred and transformational energetic container with the support and accountability (being held to higher standards + following through with action) to catapult your growth with the energy and love from your soul sisters.


I deeply care about every woman getting the best results from Fierce AF Academy so I make sure it’s high touch point where I give you my full energy, with lots of interaction, the weekly group calls as well as the powerful 1:1 text/voice messaging support you receive too.


It also has the personalised touch of extra lives based on what you need more help with, and so much more.


This is an intimate and immersive space for you to do the work, heal and grow on an energetic level so you call in the life you want effortlessly.


FAFA helps you to embody that confident and powerful warrior woman, step into your most authentic self, speak your truth, activate your divine feminine energy for more inner peace, and clear the old patterns that are holding you back to attract and receive your dream life.


Whether you want to excel in your career, grow your biz, find that soulmate kinda love, develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, increase your bank account, have more adventure and travel, Fierce AF Academy is the energetic container holding you to higher standards to catapult you there. 


If you know deep down that you have SO F*KING MUCH MAGIC to give, but you’re playing small, dimming your light and you can just feeeel there is something holding you back, this is for you. 


Rather than feeling stuck or lost, you can work with someone who understands your pain and can guide you along your own unique path to birthing a life you love on your own terms.


No more running around in circles. In FAFA, you come home to yourself.


If you’re feeling pulled, you can listen to the fear that creeps in and tells you ‘it’s not possible for me’ or ‘this won’t work’ and affirm your current reality so you stay stuck where you are.


Or you can choose to listen to the quiet and subtle nudge in your heart, calling you to play big, shine your light and book in your chat with me.

You have the power with your choice. What do you choose?


Enrol in FAFA to receive all of the ongoing support, loving guidance and accountability you could possibly need. Schedule in a call below to make sure it’s the right fit.

Week 1:

• Getting crystal clear on your soul desires and letting go of the people pleasing so you begin creating YOUR dream life!


• Crafting your unique vision and goals into manageable actionable steps because we always need a destination if we’re to reach it.


• Discovering your passions, soul gifts/superpowers, and purpose and how to connect those into your life.


• Creating a routine that serves you with both masculine structure and feminine flow.


• Shifting into creator mode and taking the steering wheel of your own life so you create one on your own terms.


• Discovering how to manifest with ease + processes I use to manifest my dream life!


Week 2:

• Understanding the true feminine and letting go of negative programming around the false feminine.


• Revealing the blocks around your femininity, discovering where they stem from and releasing them so you can fully step into your feminine.


• Clearing shame or guilt around your feminine, and embodying your fierce af power to feel more confidence and freedom!


• Tapping into, activating and clearing your womb so you are a clear channel to birth your desires into reality.


• Discovering your own unique balance between the feminine and the masculine so you can do life in feminine flow, especially in work life, so you leave the stress and burnt out behind. More ease please!


• Learning how to tap into all aspects of the feminine so you can flow between soft and sexy, vulnerable and fierce, and bring these into all areas of your life.



Week 3:

• Inner child healing and shadow work so you fully love yourself.


• Owning your value so you feel worthy of being heard and seen.


• Developing your own inner voice so you can drop the self-doubt and make decisions from a place of certainty and confidence within yourself.


• Using fear to help you, reframing stories to serve you and rewriting limiting beliefs holding you back.


• Identity shift and embodiment work (important for becoming an energetic match to your dream life so you can call it and receive it to create long-lasting results).


Week 4:

• Clearing blocks around expression (throat and womb) so you can stop dimming your light and instead, start sharing your authentic voice from a place of power (because when you show up as the real you, everything falls into place).


• Learning how to say no with confidence and set healthy boundaries in a fierce af way also in alignment with love and respect for everyone involved so you don’t burn bridges, but rather build better ones.


• Replacing your inner bitch with your biggest cheerleader.


• Shifting your self-limiting language to empowering af.


• Letting go of what no longer serves you and stepping into that healed warrior woman.


Week 5:

• Clearing your money blocks so begin shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance so you can live in prosperity (it is your birthright). 


• Rewriting your limiting beliefs about money to empowering beliefs. Your reality reflects your beliefs and your brain searches for experiences to prove your beliefs right. Do you really want your life to keep staying stuck in scarcity so you experience stress around money? Hell no! So you will shift to an abundance mindset so your reality shifts to reflect that too.


• Improving your relationship with money, so you can attract more of it and energetically hold it.


• Shifting your language around money so it wants to be around you!



Week 6:

• Developing your intuition and soul gifts.


• Learning how to work with your natural cycle to create sustainable change and momentum within your life.


• I’m keeping this week more open so we can dive into anything personalised for you that will be even more transformational!



Week 7


FIERCE AF ACADEMY CEREMONY. This is a group celebratory call where we re-cap over the last 6 weeks, where each woman gets celebrated for her transformation over the past 6 weeks.


This will be held within a powerful Women’s Circle facilitated by me where we will integrate everything you have learnt and healed during the 6 weeks with the other soul sisters in the group to cement your transformation.




Is this course live?


Yep the group calls are LIVE live which means you can do this program from anywhere in the world. You get my real time high vibe energy as well as seeing the beautiful faces of the other women in the group + feeling the powerful group energy set in this scared heart container. We find a time that is reasonable for everyone.


I’m in another country, can I still do this?


Yes, we have women from all over the world doing Chloe’s programmes. We find a reasonable time for everyone for the live calls and it’s all online so you can do it from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are!


What if I’m already fierce?


Of course you are, you’re a total badass! This isn’t just about being more fierce. Most women still act from the wounded feminine and act fierce from a place of anger/fear. If you feel that you’re not fully in your power, and people still cross your boundaries, then you will benefit massively from this program. This program is about stepping into the true feminine… the fierce warrior woman who stands in her power, speaks her truth and doesn’t people please.


What’s the difference between Goddess Reborn and Fierce AF Academy?


FAFA is a 6 week live group program that helps you gain clarity on your life vision and actionable goals, stop people pleasing and step into your powerful feminine warrior woman to create a life you love on your own terms, start expressing your truth and live as your authentic self with confidence, set healthy boundaries, shift to positive thinking instead of overthinking, comparison or perfectionism, and improve your money mindset so you can attract and receive your dream life that fulfils you!


Goddess Reborn is a 9 week live group program that’s all about tapping into your feminine essence and flow, and unleashing your sexy confident Goddess queen within.


Both programs are massively life changing.


Why did Chloe create this course?


Back in 2017, Chloe realised that the universe was giving her all the signs that she needed to stop playing so damn small. After curing herself of depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue, she decided to do some inner work. She reprogrammed her mind, figured out where her visibility blocks came from, and released the pain and trauma around it. Her life completely changed as a result. She has manifested her soulmate, travelled to 30+ countries (many solo), launched a popular podcast, led successful personal development events, created a successful impact-focused business that gives her the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and is the most fulfilled she’s ever been. Now Chloe wants to be able to help more women who hold themselves back from sharing their voice and living their best life so they can fully step into their power and experience their most incredible life with ease.


Is there a refund policy?


No, there is no refund, cancellations or ‘changes of mind’. Once you’re in, you’re in and committed to doing the work to get incredible results. This program is for women who are all in when it comes to becoming their best version of themselves and creating their most fulfilling life. If you want the results, it’s up to you to put in the work, mindset and commitment. I show up for you 100%. If you haven’t gotten results with other things, it could be because your brain knew you could put in 50% and then get a refund. You need to put in 100% and then you’ll see the incredible results. This is a program of commitment and positive change. If you have a 50% attitude, your brain will give you a reel of excuses to back out, and then you’ll never get the results. Don’t live in fear. Step into your heart-space with love, and TRUST that if you want results, you will get them!


What if I can’t make the live calls?


I do ask you to make the most out of our time together, and show up for yourself. I understand though, that sometimes life gets crazy and shit happens! It would be AMAZING for you to jump into the calls live, but if for some reason you can’t, these are all recorded so you can view in your own time!


Let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit!



Just some of the proof…