Chloe Saffron

It’s time for you to step into your FIERCE AF power.

This is for the woman struggling with lack of clarity, sharing her voice, feeling like something deep down is holding her back as well as letting go of stress and overwhelm so she can achieve her soul desires with confidence and ease!

Are you currently feeling a bit stuck, lost, unclear and torn in a million directions?


Like things in your life aren’t exactly where you want them to be yet, but you just feel so go-go-go, leaving you in a constant cycle of burn out, overwhelm and exhaustion?


Do you feel guilty if you slow down, or get so overwhelmed with a never-ending to do list, that you just end up procrastinating or self-sabotaging, and then beat yourself up about it?


Are you sick of your inner mean girl tearing you down every time you have a genius idea, and making excuses like ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t have the money/time/insert other BS reason’?


You feel like you have a message to share with the world, but you’re afraid to speak up? The fire is there within you waiting to be unleashed, but there’s something deep down that stops you from sharing your voice and keeps you playing small?


Are you sick of holding back on your opinion for fear of what others will think, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and not having healthy boundaries?


Are you living to please others, and it leaves you feeling totally unsatisfied and unbalanced inside?


Do you find it hard letting people in and asking for help because you know yourself to be ‘strong’ and ‘independent’?


Do you have blocks around money so it stops you from investing in the things you want the most and you feel guilty AF after spending money on yourself?


Do you want to connect to your power, and wake up feeling energised and deeply fulfilled?


Do you have this restless urge inside of you to just BREAK FREE from the cycle you’re stuck in and live the dream life you know is meant for you, but you still feel like ‘something’ is holding you back?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, then this is for you.


You can’t thrive in a happy and healthy life until you clear the BS holding you back and align within.

What would it feel like to radiate so much light that wherever you go, people can tell there’s just ‘something about her’?


What would it be like to treat yourself like the queen you are, feel sexy in your body and strut about with x10 more confidence in yourself?


How would it feel to let go of pushing, and magnetically attract your soul desires with ease and flow? Whether it’s health, love, relationships, dream job, biz, money, travel, adventure, creative passions.


How would it feel to express your true authentic self unapologetically and live your dream life on your own terms?


How would your life change if you were completely supported in getting rid of the blocks holding you back?


How would it feel to have a high vibe energetic container full of soul tribe women that facilitates your soul growth and dream life? Where space is held for you to be seen and heard, and receive the deep connection you crave?


I’m here to facilitate this open, supportive and high vibe space for you to massively level up into the fierce af and authentic version of yourself and experience massive positive shifts in your life.


If you feel pulled, schedule a call below to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Coming home to yourself is the greatest liberation of all.

Is this for me?


Fierce AF Academy is for the woman who:


• Feels ‘stuck’ in life and doesn’t really know why. She just feels a bit blocked and unclear with everything, or jumps from one idea to the next without taking action.


• Wants to attract everything she desires (if you aren’t crystal clear, you aren’t open to receiving) but continuously feels like she’s ‘hustling’ and gets burnt out


• Wants to take off the mask to free up energy and be her authentic & confident self


• Craves a soul community that just get her as well as deeper and more meaningful relationships in her life


• Wants to live a life on her own terms and from a place of power, instead of reacting easily or allowing people to cross her boundaries and then feeling sh*t about it, like saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘hell no’.


• Wants to shift her money mindset so she can travel lots, treat herself and gift her loved ones.


• Wants to love herself and boost her confidence to start creating the dreamy happy and healthy lifestyle she’s craving – the soulmate kinda love, money, tribe of soul friends, dream job/biz, positive impact on the world, deep sense of fulfilment and meaning etc.


• Wants to feel aligned physically, mentally and spiritually so life flows with ease and magic.


• Wants to pursue her soul calling instead of blocking herself with 101 excuses why she shouldn’t.


• Wants to forgive her past and let go to feel free and receive the abundance that is available to her.


• Desires to raise her vibration so that she can magnetically attract everything she wants.


• Is ready to say f off to her money blocks and say hell yes to herself and her dreams. 


She is ready to take action NOW.


Fierce AF Academy is for the woman who is looking to start living more aligned in flow and peace. She wants to stop fighting with life and dance with it instead. She wants to enjoy the present moment and make life her own unique masterpiece. She’s looking to feel more confident, powerful, and whole within herself. She wants to experience more pleasure and joy in life and open herself up to attracting and receiving her soul desires.


Babe, abundance is your birthright.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Close your eyes, and visualise your dream life. It’s 100% possible for you. You’ve created it on a mental level, now you just need to bring it into reality, and the only thing in your way is you.


The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from going from rock bottom to thriving with a happy and healthy life is this.


When you’re giving your power away, and blocking yourself with fear, doubt, limiting beliefs and old patterns passed down to you through generations, you’re not able to attract and receive the life of your dreams. The health, the dream job, business, travel, the freedom.


You might be doing 101 things on your to-do list or ‘trying’ all the strategies. But if you have blocks, then achieving your soul desires will be frustrating, exhausting, and hard work.


Why not make the process easier and more FUN?


Schedule in a call now to see if it’s the right fit for you!

In just 6 weeks, you will…


• Feel lighter, energised and more joyful & free.


• Unbecome the BS you’ve taken on, return home to the real you, radiate love and positivity, show up with more energy and strut about the room tapped into the fierce, feminine warrior woman that you are.


• Love who you are, know your worth and value, and massively level up your confidence.


• Take ownership and start creating the life of your dreams!


• Stop fighting with life, and instead, dance with life to experience more flow, magic and beauty. 


• Clear negativity, old patterns, stories, limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that have held you back.


• Feel aligned physically, mentally and spiritually.


• Attract more love, joy and prosperity.


You can have all this and MORE.


This sisterhood is about holding a safe, open and highly transformational space for you to feel completely loved and supported by other women.


Community and connection are key to speeding up the healing and growth process.


Do you ever feel alone, like no one else really gets you or what you’re going through? You will now have your own soul family.


You get access to a like-minded soul tribe where you will feel energetically connected to other powerful and inspirational women.


So many women crave that deep connection, feeling seen, heard and loved. Now you get that, and a massive transformation.


I invest so much love, care and energy into every one of my clients because I want them to get the best results during this experience.


My 6 week Fierce AF Academy is the high vibe heart container holding you to higher standards so you move through the blocks, step into your fierce af feminine power and claim the goodness waiting for you on the other side.


We grow up taking on family and societal conditioning, meaning we end up living untrue to ourselves. If you want to get different results, you have to change what you’re currently doing. This is your chance to create your life on your own terms.


This isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about unbecoming who you’re not and re-discovering the fierce af authentic version of yourself. She’s already within you, it’s just about getting rid of the BS that is holding you back from the life that your soul wants. 


Endless possibilities are available to you!


This is about cultivating unstoppable soul level confidence, feminine flow and power to go beyond your current life.


How would it feel to be clear, connected, radiant and free?


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fi






You will get all the love, guidance and life-changing work from Chloe with: 

  • 5 x weekly high vibe live trainings crafted for your soul expansion and transformation
  • 5 x success bundles that drop weekly so you can gain clarity and confidence!!
  • 1 x LIVE Group Coaching Q&A Session

  • Extra PDF workbooks and exercises for breakthroughs and success
  • Powerful guided meditations to strengthen your growth and healing process
  • Lifetime access to the recorded online program (priceless)
  • An exclusive Facebook group for support and wisdom - a high vibe community of soul sisters to cheer you on and hold you accountable!

BONUS COURSE! -> Setting Boundaries Like a Boss 

BONUS COURSE! -> Money Flow Accelerator

BONUS COURSE! -> Manifest ANYTHING Using the Principles of the Universe (the principles other than the law of attraction that no one talks about)


EXTRA BONUS: 1 x 60 minute 1:1 intensive coaching session with me for the first 4 queens who sign up (Spaces all gone – available only through upgrade)

EXTRA BONUS: 24/5 Whatsapp support (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm) for the first 5 queens who pay in full (Spaces all gone – available only through upgrade)


This is life-changing!


Not only does your life change by you being your most authentic and confident self, and living your best life on your own terms, but so do the lives of the people around you. Living big inspires others to do the same!


I want creating your most fulfilling life to become easy and fun for you!


Spots are limited, so if you are feeling called, I invite you to take the leap NOW.


Get it now before the BONUSES go away and the doors close!! 


THE BONUSES GO AWAY EACH WEEK AND THE DOORS CLOSE JULY 16TH AT 11:59PM BST! (Sign up for the waiting list to hear about the next round)





You are going to embody your power and feel SO aligned on a soul level. HELL YES, I’m so excited for you! This is truly life-changing.


If this sound like something you’d be interested in, let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit!

These are some of the results that have been created in the past from working with me:


Thanks to Chloe, I regained my self-esteem and started transforming my life in very little time. She helped me to regrow my self-confidence and take action towards my goals!! I’m so grateful to have had her as much coach. I’m now more aligned with myself – working with myself in flow rather than blocking myself. Chloe helps you through challenges, holds you accountable and you can always count on her support! I highly recommend working with Chloe!!” – Ruth


Chloe helped me get more balance in my life and guided me to reach that goal, and boss it! Chloe helped me to do things that I never would have done by myself, like improving relationships and growing my confidence to achieve my goals” – Janine


Chloe, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the strength and motivation in my career. I left all my fears behind and I finally started running events in my neighbourhood! You motivated me to change a lot of things in my life in so little time!” – Daniella


I enjoyed our sessions so much, the feeling I got is ADDICTIVE. I figured out what I really want and what changes I needed to make to reach my goals. I’m so excited that I found an online gig with a flexible schedule. It’s amazing how making small changes within can drastically change your outer world.” – A’Shantee


Let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit!

Why join Fierce AF Academy?


I’ve created this 6 week live fun and interactive course so that you have a high vibe sacred and transformational energetic container with the support, accountability (being held to higher standards + following through with action) and inner transformation to help you thrive by creating your best life.


I deeply care about every woman getting the best results from FAFA so I make sure it’s high touch with the community and connection aspect and lots of interaction. 


It also has the personalised touch of extra lives based on what you need more help with plus so much more!


Fierce AF Academy holds an immersive space for you to heal and grow on an energetic level. It helps you to embody that confident badass b*tch, step into your most authentic higher self to shine your light, activate your divine feminine energy for more flow and peace, and clear the old patterns that are holding you back to attract and receive your dream life.


Whether you want to excel in your career, grow your biz, find that soulmate kinda love, develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, increase your bank account, have more adventure and travel, Fierce AF Academy is the energetic container holding you to higher standards to catapult you there. 


If you know deep down that you have SO F*KING MUCH MAGIC to give, but you’re playing small, dimming your light and you can just feeeel there is something holding you back, this is for you. 


Rather than getting confused and burnt out from doing ‘all the things’ and going round in circles, you can work with someone who understands your pain and can guide you along your own unique path to create your best life on your own terms. No more struggle, doubts or feeling torn in a million directions.


Your subconscious mind is a million times stronger than your conscious mind. You can say all the affirmations and mantras, but if your subconscious doesn’t agree, then that is what is running the show!! Our beliefs create our behaviour which determine our reality – this is why you need to re-write them to create the life you want.


If you’re done with the self-sabotage and staying stuck, this is for you! Together, I can show you how to align your life for success and joy in a matter of weeks! 


It’s time to re-discover the warrior woman within and activate your fierce af feminine power with a loving mentor to guide you on this journey.


I’m excited for you to step into the Fierce AF YOU! 


Enroll NOW to receive all of the ongoing support, loving guidance and accountability you could possibly need.

Week 1:

• Gaining crystal clear on your soul desires.


• Recognising your conditioning, and taking ownership of your life.


• Crafting your vision and goals because we always need a destination if we’re to reach it.


• Discovering your passions, soul gifts/superpowers, and purpose and how to connect those into your life.


• Creating a routine that serves you with both masculine structure and feminine flow.


• Discovering your true authentic self at your soul level and embodying the real powerful creator you.


• Becoming aware and conscious to enjoy the present moment.

Week 2:

• Understanding the true feminine and getting rid of outdated programming of the false feminine.


• Revealing the blocks in your life and starting to think about where they stem from so you can release them and step into your higher self.


• Recognising your ancestral patterns so you can break free and change them to live your dream life.


• The balance between the feminine and the masculine so you can do life in feminine flow, especially in work life, so you leave the stress and burnt out behind and step into your fierce af power.


• How to bring more feminine into your life to create more love, money and joy.


• Coming out of your shell to feel confident, sexy and abundant. Releasing shame or guilt around your feminine, and embodying your power.

Week 3:

• Discovering where lack of self-confidence comes from and how to own your value, plus sharing your voice from a place of power.


• Overcoming fears, rewriting limiting beliefs and clearing blockages so you can let go of who you are not, stop procrastinating, and take leaps to answer your soul’s calling and live your best life on your own terms.


• Breaking free from ancestral patterns that have been passed down to us so you can heal yourself and shift onto a fresh new exciting path.


• Having healthy boundaries so you can say yes to yourself, and no with confidence.


• Recognising your triggers and how to use this to your advantage.


• Getting in touch your inner child and giving her the love she craves.


• Replacing your inner bitch with your biggest cheerleader.


Week 4:

• Becoming an energetic match for what you want. Raising your vibration to magnetically attract your soul desires, because the frequency you are emitting is what you are attracting into your life.


• Letting go of your old self-limited identity and embodying your higher authentic self.


• Aligning your life physically, mentally and spiritually, and with your values, so you live with passion and meaning.


• Purging your environment and letting go of what no longer serves you.


• How to change your inner state instantly.


• Dealing with emotions so you can let go and not overthink to enjoy your present moment and stand in your power.


• Having more fun and enjoying the process of life.


• How to deal with negative people in your life and attract more positive and like-minded people.


• So many times, we hold onto the past and never deal with it, so it creates energetic blocks that keep us stuck. We will open your heart so you can forgive and let go of the past to free yourself.


Week 5:

• Shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance so you can live in prosperity (it is your birthright). Your brain searches for experiences to prove your beliefs right, do you really want it to keep proving your scarcity mindset right?! Hell no! So we will re-write your negative money mindset and improving your relationship with money, so you can attract more of it.


• Stepping into your highest self and using the tool of visualisation. Everything is created in your mind first before it’s brought into reality. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality, so knowing how to use visualisation will allow you to start manifesting your desires with ease.


• Knowing how to manifest your soul desires plus extra manifestation tools.



Week 6: Live Group Coaching Call + Q&A 

 • A group party call in an intimate space focused on deepening awareness around key issues to benefit all women with breakthroughs, gaining more insight from your soul sisters as well as your own reflections and celebrating each other.




Is this course live?


Oh yesss it’s all live, so you get my fresh high vibe energy in real time as well as the powerful group energy set in this scared heart container.


What if I’m already fierce?


Of course you are, you’re a total badass! This isn’t just about being more fierce. Most women still act from the wounded feminine and act fierce from a place of anger/fear. If you feel that you’re not fully in your power, and people still cross your boundaries, then you will benefit massively from this program. This program is about stepping into the true feminine… the fierce warrior woman who stands in her power, speaks her truth and doesn’t people please.


Why did Chloe create this course?


Back in 2017, Chloe realised that the universe was giving her all the signs that she needed to stop playing so damn small. After curing herself of depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue, she decided to do some inner work. She reprogrammed her mind, figured out where her visibility blocks came from, and released the pain and trauma around it. Her life completely changed as a result. Now Chloe wants to be able to help more women that find themselves holding back from sharing their voice because of the limiting BS, and stop it from affecting their relationships, finances, biz, job, health etc., so they can level up their confidence and experience their soul desires with ease fully in their power.


Is there a refund policy?


No, there is no refund, cancellations or ‘changes of mind’. This program is for women who are all in when it comes to becoming their best version of themselves and creating their most fulfilling life. If you want the results, it’s up to you to put in the work, mindset and commitment. I show up for you 100%. If you haven’t gotten results with other things, it could be because your brain knew you could put in 50% and then get a refund. You need to put in 100% and then you’ll see the incredible results. This is a program of commitment and positive change. If you have a 50% attitude, your brain will give you a reel of excuses to back out, and then you’ll never get the results. Don’t live in fear. Step into your heart-space with love, and TRUST that if you want results, you will get them!


What if I can’t make the live trainings?


I do ask you to make the most out of our time together, and show up for yourself. I understand though, that sometimes life gets crazy and shit happens! It would be AMAZING for you to jump into the trainings live, but if for some reason you can’t, these are all recorded so you can view in your own time!


Let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit!



Just some of the proof…