Chloe Saffron

Ready to make 2020 your year?


Start it off as you mean to go on by joining us for the fearless feminine immersion on 4 January 2020, in Belfast.


This is for the woman who feels:


• Stuck like she’s going through the motion

• Overwhelmed and burnt out from being in a cycle of gogogo and she has no energy to do things she loves

• Out of balance and all over the place

• Disconnected from her power

• Like she’s running on empty because she’s putting others needs before her own

• Lonely and is missing deep connection with other like-minded women

• Like life is ‘okay’ but she knows she’s capable of so much more

• Frustrated and irritated because she’s reading all the books, listening to the podcasts but nothing is changing

• Imposter syndrome and self-doubt

• Scared of judgement so she people pleases and it leaves her feeling unsatisfied

• Sick of self-sabotaging through excessive partying, emotional eating, procrastination etc

• Like she’s not in the driver’s seat of her own life

• Sick of being stressed and anxious around ‘not having enough’


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, this is for you.


She’s craving:


• Clarity on her life’s mission and purpose

• Unstoppable confidence and certainty within herself

• Setting strong boundaries and saying no with conviction

• Self love and acceptance

• Liberation of negative thoughts

• Fearlessness in the pursuit of her goals

• A non-judgemental space to express her truth

• An extraordinary life with more joy, love, abundance and pleasure

• Physical, mental and spiritual balance

• The skills to harness the law of attraction so she can naturally attract massive positive shifts in her life with ease rather than chasing after them


What you’ll walk away with:


• Letting go what no longer serves you to make space for your new enhanced life

• Clarity and confidence to set new standards and take empowered action

• Level up every single area of your life including health, intimacy, family & friends, spirituality, career/business, finances and fun

• Tools and techniques you can use in daily life to create your best life and stay aligned

• An unforgettable day and a powerful sisterhood for life


Topics include manifestation, money and abundance, confidence, power, self-love, growth mindset, overcoming fear, energy, feminine and womb activation, balance and more.


When you say yes to investing in yourself, you experience major positive shifts & transformation in your life. You will walk away a new woman.


Are you ready to take this leap? We’ll show you how.


– Limited spaces so all tickets must be pre-booked –


Location: Bullitt Hotel

Date & Time: 4/01/2020, 11am – 3 pm

Age: 18+

Early Bird until 31/10/2019: £44 in full // 1 payment of £20 every 3 weeks

After 31/10/2019: £54 in full // 1 payment of £25 every 3 weeks