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Introducing… Fierce AF, my 9-week signature program for women here to connect deeper to themselves, create their 2023 vision, birth their soul callings into reality, and evolve into the best version of themselves, through embodying unwavering self-belief, confidence, power, love, sensuality and joy.


We all have the same amount of time, and times passes.


What we do with it determines what we create, so would you not rather focus it on the direction of your dreams?


Anything can happen in a year, so why not invest in you and make this a year of moving towards your dreams?!


Imagine who you would become, and what you would create if you were fully supported in the planning, taking the action, blasting through fears and bringing your vision to LIFE, with coaching inside an incredible sisterhood.


If you want to take the leap with us, now the perfect time to start!


Fierce AF is for you if you:


• Are done playing small, limiting yourself, doubting yourself, putting yourself last, and you’re ready to take this year by storm as your true powerful self


• You’re ready for your life to feel like YUMMMMM! and fill it with experiences that make your yoni tingle


• You’re ready to know yourself, and connect deeper to who you truly are and the life you’re here to live


  You want to feel clear, motivated and ignited in your inner fire to move in the direction of your dreams with momentum and make them a reality


• You’re here to birth what your soul is calling you to create, whether it’s showcasing your art, writing the book, launching the podcast, hosting the retreat, sharing your music, or learning poledance!


• You want to treat yourself like a Queen with spa breaks, long walks in nature, rose petal baths and just simply have experiences where you feel joy from simply being alive!


• You want to walk into a room and heads turn because you’re dripping in radiant magnetic confidence, love and unwavering self-belief


• You want to stop saying yes when you mean no and speak your truth to create a life that feels like FUCK YES!!!!


• You want to call in friendships that feel like soul family where you’re each others ride or die, you laugh until you cry or you go for sea swims under the Full Moon because you’re on the same wavelength and just get each other


• You want to call in the love of your life like out of a romance novel where you feel cherished, pleasured and taken care of


• OR deepen your current relationship with love, connection, pleasure, committment, trust to make it rock solid


• You want to grow your soul-led business, with more dream customers, income and impact while having so much fun and pleasure


• OR you want your dream job that supports you in making your wildest dreams come true, where you feel confident, fulfilled and valued


• You want the financial freedom to take care of your family, go on holidays, tick off countries on your bucket list, and have incredible experiences that light up your life!


• You want to create your dream life on your own terms, where you radiate joy from being your true authentic self


• You want to step into your untamed, unfiltered yoni power to feel truly like yourself, and make everything on your vision board REAL while having more fun, play, love, laughter & pleasure each day


If you answered yes to any of the above, Fierce AF is for you.

To help you in having a life-changing transformation, experiencing massive shifts and bringing your dreams into fruition, we will dive into….

Letting go of anything that drains your energy, doesn’t feel good or is not a true reflection of YOU to create space for what you truly WANT to flow in. 


Owning your value and magic for unwavering self-belief to support you in making your dreams happen


Grounding to feel balanced, supported and solid so you feel safe to trust and open to receive everything you want


Getting crystal clear on your vision and plan for 2023 so you can move in the direction of your dreams with momentum


– Igniting your inner fire to move with passion and purpose in alignment with what’s most important to you, so you feel happy, lit up, inspired and fulfilled 


– Creating a routine that honours your body and supports you as you evolve and create your dream life!


– Releasing disempowering stories and shifting your beliefs, thoughts and feelings to align your mindset with your next level desires 


– Rewriting your limiting beliefs at the root for massive shifts to clear resistance and move forward with momentum


Breaking free of old fear and scarcity-based patterns that sabotage your happiness and success so you can stay on the path of your dreams without falling off completely


– How to talk to yourself and treat yourself to be your own best cheerleader so you deeply love and accept yourself, and make decisions with certainty


– Trusting, surrendering and detaching from the outcome, so you go from worry to actually having fun during your journey


– Taking full ownership and intuitive action to make your dreams happen


Infusing pleasure, fun, play and joy so you turn your life ON!


– How to open to receive the love, money, success, abundance you desire to activate your feminine magnetism and receive it all with more ease


– Breaking free of your shell and emerging as your true authentic self with confidence


– How to work with your fear to move forward instead of getting stuck and letting the past stop you


Setting standards and healthy boundaries to love yourself, feel more confident and free up your energy so you can focus your power on bringing your vision into reality


Stepping into your Warrior Goddess untamed and unfiltered yoni power to be unapologetically YOU and make your dream life happen


– Activating your inner voice, speaking your authentic truth with confidence and radiating your light to magnetise everything you want!

“As soon as I heard about FAFA, my heart said yes. My ego wanted to keep me playing small. I was scared to make an investment in myself because I never had before, but I did and I’m so glad I took the leap! Before FAFA, I was feeling lost. With Chloe’s support and the other women in the academy, I stepped up as my higher self! I reconnected to my feminine energy and attracted in abundance. Because of FAFA, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to events I was never brave enough to, only to find incredible women who I now cannot imagine my life without! I attracted the opportunity to read Oracle Cards for 40 people and have seen my podcast numbers soar. I feel more aligned and authentic than ever. I would highly recommend joining Chloe’s programmes as it is a fast track way to transformation. I am not the same person I was 7 weeks ago!”


– Jess G.

I can’t thank Chloe enough for all she offered in the FAFA! It has been really life changing. I was hesitant about the investment but my expectations were exceeded and I can not recommend FAFA enough. SO many blockages released. For ages, I’d shut down my feminine, sexual Goddess out of shame but no longer. I feel empowered, in flow, and able to explore all aspects of myself free of judgement. I feel freed. I even called in an incredible guy into my life and no longer did I self sabotage the relationship, instead I have been receptive and able to give with an open heart. Gotta love the universe’s timing. I have way more energy, feel so much freer and comfortable in my body and I just felt super lit up and inspired doing the inner work with a group of like minded women.”


– Laura S.

What’s Included

This is not just teaching you tools.


I will walk alongside you AS you are creating the life of your dreams, with deep support and accountability inside an intimate container.


This is a safe and sacred space where you are seen, heard, supported and celebrated alongside an incredible sisterhood all lifting each other up!

We start Jan 19th 2023.


Take the leap with us here you Queen:

Pay in Full $1111

6 x Monthly Payments $200

$1200 in total

10 x Monthly Payments $125

$1250 in total

You can get Fierce AF included inside the Portal:

The Portal is our year-long experience for women here to transform every area of their life… from loving themselves, their body, to intimacy, sexuality and pleasure. From s/x, love and relationships, to money, abundance and leadership.

Inside the 12 month bundle, you get access to ALL programs and workshops that I run for all of 2023, for a fraction of the price if bought separately!!! Includes lifetime access to everything too!!! Imagine what you could create while being deeply supported by me and an incredible sisterhood in 2023?!

“Before joining the FAFA program, I was consistently playing small, worried about taking action and second guessing my purpose. Investing was the scariest choice that I deliberated over for weeks, but when it came down to it I knew it’s what my soul needed and this was proven to me time and time again throughout the programme. I had so many break through moments. I was able to take the leap into setting up my coaching business, I made investments in myself, I secured new clients (in coaching and aerial hoop), I committed to hosting my own workshop (which was freaking amazing) and made friends for life. I can’t even comprehend how so much happened in 7 weeks but it did and it set me up to really step into my power and continue to do so. I’m so so grateful that I took the leap, Chloe is a true diamond”


– Jordan B.

“I took the leap as I felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do. The amount of time, energy and resources that Chloe put into the course was definitely worth it. She is such a buzzing soul and you can totally see and feel her energy and love for what she does. I released so much sh*t during the course. I shifted and up levelled to a higher version of myself. I said f off to old habits and limiting beliefs and boldly set myself new boundaries! Chloe gives so much value on a daily basis to us all and her coaching styles are coming from love and her heart with the highest good in her intentions. Chloe you helped me so much to take the first steps towards achieving my goals and I have so much love and respect for you. You are absolutely beautiful and amazing to your core and I know you will help so many woman to step into their power. Love you loads!”


– Lynda M.

“I was scared to invest in myself and about doing the inner work. You really can’t put a price on doing this life-changing work, investing in yourself improves your relationship with yourself and money so much.My life has changed so much since working with Chloe and I feel like a totally different person since doing the deep inner work with her. She creates such a safe space filled with beautiful energy, love and support in order to help you overcome those blocks and beliefs you need to let go of so you can create a life that is aligned with you. In my time working with her I was able to find the courage to take so much action around expressing myself fully, showing up as my authentic self and accepting & loving myself, all of which I really struggled with beforehand. I feel so much closer to myself and my dream life now. Taking the leap and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions of my life. Working with Chloe exceeded my expectations, she really goes above and beyond to support you and help you in any way she can. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work and live a life on their own terms.”


– Janine Beynon

Feedback from previous clients… 

“Fierce AF has been one of my best personal investments! So much has changed for me, I am so much more confident in myself, my job and everyday life! My perspective on life and the world has changed immensely for the better. I realised my self worth and discovered the importance of self love! From Chloe has taught me the importance of being open to receiving in all areas of my life, money has shown up unexpectedly, I started getting very good feedback from managers in work and I now realise I will always have enough because the universe has my back! All thanks to Chloe.. I would highly recommend any of Chloe’s programmes!”


– Janine B.

“I was scared about investing the money but now that I look back on it, it was an amazing experience that really shaped those few months in my life and I really am so grateful to have done that for myself. Working with Chloe was an amazing decision. I learnt how to step into my power and really connect with my feminine side. I was able to decide on my dream life and have worked towards it, and set boundaries in place to live with more energy. I had a lot of sisterhood wounds I didn’t even realise and through working with Chloe, I managed to work through those blocks and am able to show up to my friends and family with so much more love. Chloe is so intuitive, I felt fully supported working with her and would really recommend this experience for anyone who is ready to level up and do the work.”


– Kapeela D.

“Over the time I’ve been working with Chloe, she’s helped me to overcome stress, anxiety, heartbreak, self-doubt. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to manifest the incredible life I’m living now if it weren’t for her help in clearing my blocks and allowing my energy to flow out into the universe where it could be received and sent back to me with so much abundance. I manifested my dream job, in the city I’ve been wanting to move to for years (she literally coached me the day of my interview and helped get me all up in my power), I manifested my dream suite 10 minutes from work within the budget I set where all 4 of my horses and my dog and I can live. She helped me build my clientele with my business and gain many more incredible clients. Most importantly, she’s helped me see the powerful woman I am and step into that strength. I highly recommend Chloe Saffron and her incredible transformative coaching. If you’re looking to level up and work through some of your mental blocks, grow your business, change your mindset or just downright become a badass, then you must work with her. Invest in your mind. Invest in your goals. Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you can make.


– Rachel Smith

“I’ve grown so much and it’s all thanks to Chloe. She has taught me so much about myself, about business, my relationship, being my true self, showing up for my audience, using social media in such an authentic way, spreading your true message, I couldn’t have done it myself and I’m so grateful for Chloe. It was 100% worth the investment, and after our first call, I decided to go part time in my job to put more energy in my business and my business is growing. She is an amazing coach and with her feminine aspect, it has such a big impact on your being and how you feel about yourself. For those who really want to change their lives and really go into that direction, Chloe is the person to support you.”


– Pauline Greeve

“I went into Goddess Reborn primarily for the female contact, I don’t get a lot of interaction with women out where I live. And Chloe’s energy was positively infectious! What I didn’t realize going in was just how much past shame and baggage I built up in my body. The most amazing transformation was how suddenly my intense cramps absolutely disappeared soon after forgiving myself for so much of my past sexual history. Releasing the shame from childhood trauma and my early twenties. My relationship with myself improved so dramatically it had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage! I’m not afraid be myself anymore and I’m boldly going into 2020 with this new power and I’m going to spread this to other women! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chloe!! Love you!!”


– Vicki Glass

Is this course only for entrepreneurs?

No, this course is for everyone. Creating the life you want and stepping into your power isn’t limited to what job you do. You will learn modalities that you can use to achieve your unique dreams and goals.  Many people from all walks of life have done this work with me, from teachers, to doctors, to students, to stay at home mothers, to budding entrepreneurs, to therapists, to healers, to coaches, to artists and musicians. Some of the results they shared were deepening their relationship, calling in soulmate friendships, receiving unexpected money, new job offers, opening new income streams, new clients etc.

I’m very busy, how much time committment will this take?

There will be a new module each week, but there is a replay you can watch back. You will have lifetime access, so you will have this content forever. Although I believe you will get more out of it by engaging to receive support in the calls and FB group, you can take it at your own pace. Do what feels aligned. Often graduates find the courses so transformative that they repeat it again.

Are there payment plans?

Yes there are payment plans available which you can see at check out.

Is this program live?

Yes, this is a live online course, with replays so you can watch if you can’t join live. The call times are 5pm GMT UK each week, unless stated differently. We accommodate for all clients timezones. You have lifetime access to the course material which means you can watch it again and again for more breakthroughs and integration.

What is the refund policy for Fierce AF?

Due to the nature of this work, no. There are no refunds, cancellations or ‘changes of mind’. This program is for women who are all in, and when you show up with the energy and committment, you get the results you want. You get to step into your power and TRUST yourself, trust the money will come back and you can’t even put a price on the value of this course’s impact on your life.

Can I do this course if I’m in a different country? How does the currency difference work?

Yes, this is an online course you can do from anywhere in the world, and it’s recorded so you can take it at your own pace. The currency charged is in $USD and will automatically convert to your country’s currency when the transaction goes through.

Do you have more questions that haven’t been answered?

Email and we will be able to help you!

Join FAF 2023 here:

Pay in Full $1111

6 x Monthly Payments $200

$1200 in total

10 x Monthly Payments $125

$1250 in total