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What Clients Are Saying...

“Thanks to Chloe, I regained my self-esteem and started transforming my life in very little time. She helped me to regrow my self-confidence and take action towards my goals!! I’m so grateful to have had her as much coach. I’m now more aligned with myself – working with myself in flow rather than blocking myself. Chloe helps you through challenges, holds you accountable and you can always count on her support! I highly recommend working with Chloe!!”
Ruth Haller
"It's not easy diving deep into who you are but your pleasant and calming personality made it so much easier for me to open up. You encouraged me to think hard about my main goal - getting more balance in my life - and you guided me every step along the way to reach that goal, and boss it! You helped me do things I wouldn't have ever done by myself, like being honest with my mum and breaking down barriers in our relationship. Your determination and passion in helping me gave me so much value. Now, I'm confident I can tackle any goals I have for the future thanks to your awesome help and powerful presence!"
Janine Beynon
"Chloe is an incredible human being, and a genuinely lovely soul. She helped me see things from a different perspective and cut the bulls***. Through talking with Chloe, I became to think differently about the way I do things in life and became a more positive and inspiring person myself. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed as she is a great coach! She has a fierce passion and fiery outlook on life and you want her in your corner. Thanks for helping me win at life Chloe!!"
Bek Russell


Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you know you're meant for bigger things, but something deep down - fear, limiting beliefs, excuses, self-sabotaging behaviour - stops you from taking action? Are you ready to create your dream life on your own terms?

The key is in your MINDSET. Your inner world reflects your outer world. I incorporate both spiritual and modern coaching in all my programs to help you level up your clarity, your mindset, your confidence and give you the love, support and accountability to take inspired action so you improve every area of your life. Whether that looks like bringing in more money, growing your biz, travelling more, finding your soulmate, improving your relationships, excelling in your career or deepening your spiritual growth and sense of fulfilment and meaning!

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Email: chloesaffroncontact@gmail.com

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